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PoxClin CoolMousse for ChickenPox (100ml)

PoxClin CoolMousse for ChickenPox (100ml)

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PoxClin is designed to provide instant cooling and soothing itch relief for children with chickenpox. The product comes in an easy-to-apply soft foamy Cool Mousse and gel applicator for sensitive spots, meaning no unnecessary rubbing or aggravation of the skin, making it very easy to apply. PoxClin also contains a bacterial blocker which helps to stop bacteria from binding onto the skin and causing infection. Infection of the blisters generally comes when they are broken, most commonly as a result of scratching.

  • Immediate itch relief
  • Cools, soothes, conditions and protects the skin
  • Helps to prevent scarring
  • Easily spreadable soft foamy mousse
  • Quickly absorbed by the skin
  • Mild and pleasant smell with chamomile and lavender
  • Contains natural ingredients, gentle for children’s skin

Chickenpox is a well-known childhood disease, normally recognisable from the itchy red spots on the skin. Vaccination for chickenpox is widely available, however even with vaccination 1 in 5 children will contract chickenpox. The red spots that turn into blisters are not nice to see, but it’s really the itch that bothers children the most and itching the spots can lead to scarring

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