Collection: Stop Smoking

Preparation can help you stop smoking.

To get ready to quit:

  • Keep a smoking diary for about 2 weeks - this will help you understand your smoking pattern and spot your triggers.
  • Write down ways to deal with or avoid situations that trigger you to smoke.
  • Plan how you’ll stop smoking - make a Quit plan and set a quit date that you can stick to.
  • Get support from HSE stop smoking advisors in your area and other people quitting at the same time as you here.
  • Prepare to cope with cravings and withdrawal - they won’t last forever.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy (such as patches or gum) or prescription treatments from your GP might help you.

Quit smoking with help from the HSE

Freetext QUIT to 50100 or Freephone 1800 201 203