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Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads (6)

Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads (6)

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Are you suffering from sore or cracked nipples?

Nursicare Therapeutic Breast pads can help. 

When Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads are placed on the sore nipple, the pad’s ingredients work to reduce inflammation, pain and support the healing process.  Little erosions caused by a suckling infant can lead to severe nipple and areolar pain.

Nursicare therapeutic breast pads are made from PolyMem, an innovative material used in wound care dressings and proven worldwide to reduce pain and inflammation in both acute and chronic wounds.The combination of a cleanser, moisturiser and foam create an optimal healing environment to help heal injured tissue.

Nursicare helps to quickly repair irritated and cracked nipples by creating a clean, healing environment that helps prevent infection and allows the nipple to return to its natural, healthy state.  The faster a wound heals, the less susceptible it is to infection.

Remember – Always be guided by your healthcare professional to correct the source of the problem which may be due to incorrect positioning, poor latch, etc.


How to use

Step 1


Before the first use of a new Nursicare pad, gently wipe the nipple and surrounding area with a cloth slightly moist with water – the moisture will help to activate the healing ingredients contained in the Nursicare pad. No need to dry the skin or nipple prior applying the pad.

Step 2


Remove the sterile pad from its packaging and place it inside your bra, with the printed side facing outwards and the plain side touching your nipple. Centre the pad over the nipple area.

Step 3


When it’s time to nurse or pump, remove the pad and place it on a clean surface with the printed side down/plain side up. Prior to nursing or using a breast pump, gently wipe the breast with a clean, moist cloth.

Step 4


Nursicare disposable pads are designed to be used several times. When you’ve finished breastfeeding or pumping, simply replace the pad back inside your bra with printed side out.

Step 5


Over time, the pad absorbs fluid. When the pad becomes saturated, it’s time to replace it. A Nursicare pad may be used until the liquid in the pad becomes visible through the printed side of the pad, and before the absorbent fluid reaches the edge of the pad. Change the pad immediately if saturated with milk. Nursicare pads are not washable; washing may remove ingredients and diminish the mode of action. Discard after use.


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