Multi-Mam Compresses

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Based on Bio-Active Science, Multi-Mam Instant Relief Compress has a direct soothing effect on sore nipples to give instant comfort and relief. The 2QR complex contained in the Bio-Active Gel prevents infections* by blocking the development of harmful micro-organism in the nipple and aerola and therefore prevents transmission of infections to the baby when breastfeeding.

The double-sided compress has one side impregnated with Bio-Active gel to soothe pains and reduce swelling. The laminated side helps avoid leakage from the breast and staining clothes. Multi-Mam Compresses provide immediate relief of pain and swelling.

Multi-Mam Instant Relief Compress's formula is based on natural plant extracts. It is safe and harmless (even when swallowed) and does not contain any chemical substances such as preservatives Multi-Mam Compresses are non toxic and contain no preservatives. : click to see more from this brand