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Medicare Portable Nebuliser

Medicare Portable Nebuliser

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A breath of fresh air for Asthma and COPD sufferers

Respiratory disorders can be debilitating. Just knowing that you're relying on medical equipment and intervention to can be enough to get in the way.

Whatever it is you're doing, keep going. COPD or Asthma doesn't have to slow you down when you have simple, portable technology to help you get quick, precise relief whenever you need it.

  1. Compact Portable Pocket Size
  2. Simple ‘1 touch’ button operation
  3. Quiet and discreet (50dB - at 1 metre distance)
  4. Low medication residue
  5. MMAD 2.1µm particle size
  6. 0.32 ml/min nebulisation rate
  7. Various angles for nebulisation possible
  8. Warranty 2 years (Excluding medication chamber)
  9. Low power consumption - 1.5 hours continuous nebulisation on 2 batteries

Contents: Main Unit, Medication Chamber, Mouthpiece, Protective Cap, 2xAA Batteries, 3 pin Plug, AC adapter, Carry Pouch.

How It Works

Medicare Ultrasonic Portable Nebuliser with Mesh Technology uses state of the art electrospray technology that sprays liquid in an aerosol form directly to the patient for inhalation. This technology provides for better nebulisation and comes in a compact portable size that’s designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand but is still powerful enough to deliver medication quickly and efficiently.  

Our high performance Nebulisers have been specially developed in conjunction with respiratory therapists for the successful treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, allergies, and other respiratory disorders.

A nebuliser is a machine used to deliver medication directly and efficiently by turning it into a fine mist that can be inhaled deep into the lungs. The patient inhales the mist through a face mask or mouthpiece for fast relief of the symptoms of respiratory problems.

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