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Licetec V-Comb A1 (Head Lice & Eggs)

Licetec V-Comb A1 (Head Lice & Eggs)

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The Licetec V-Comb A1 is a revolutionary device that incorporates both a combing and vacuum function to effectively eliminate traces of head lice and eggs. In addition to being both 100% Chemical and Allergen free, it is also guaranteed to operate seamlessly on all hair types without creating a mess.

Eliminates head lice & eggs with the ease of combing the hair

Detects & prevents infestations with immediate visible results

Allergen- & chemical-free device with hygienic capture filters

Rechargeable and portable with a hands-free disposal system


  • Designed with a compact frame for ease of use and handling.
  • Combining gentle combing teeth and vacuum power for an effective and chemical-free treatment.
  • Designed with a sleek and streamlined look to reflect its ease of use
  • Bottom part flares out to allow unit to stand when not in use or while charging.
  • Powerful Suction Force: Provides abundant suction power to draw extracted head lice and eggs into the capture filter
  • Eliminates head lice and eggs from the hair effectively without any chemicals
  • INNOVATIVE WAY OF DISPOSAL: Hands-Free and Biodegradable Disposable Capture Filters
  • Mess-Free Disposal: Capture filter easily slips out from the unit after treatment for hands-free disposal
  • Immediate Visible Results: Extracted head lice and eggs can be seen through the LED-illuminated capture filter compartment
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