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Canesten Pessary 200mg (3), for Vaginal Thrush (Candida)

Canesten Pessary 200mg (3), for Vaginal Thrush (Candida)

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Canesten 200mg Pessary is indicated for the treatment of vaginal thrush. It is inserted into the vagina for treatment at the site of infection.
Only use this product if you have been previously diagnosed by your doctor as having vaginal thrush.

The active substance in Canesten 200mg Pessary is clotrimazole. Clotrimazole belongs to a group of medicines called azoles and is an antifungal agent which fights the cause of infections such as vaginal thrush.

The applicator should be used to insert the pessary as high as possible into the vagina, preferably before going to sleep on three consecutive nights for convenient and comfortable treatment.

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