SELFCheck Multi Drug Test (1 Test)

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Drug test kits can help detect intake of illegal drugs.

Today, there is a growing concern about physical, as well as emotional, health hazards arising from various forms of substance abuse. Parents with teenage children are more concerned about how to detect drug intake and how to prevent their children from habitual drug use. The SELFCheck Multi Drug home screening test can help parents to become aware of any untoward drug abuse before it becomes addictive.

Multi-drug screening test kits from reputable companies are used to check for the presence of illegal/dangerous drugs as part of a well established, ongoing random screening programme in a range of employment sectors, including public transport, road transport, the oil and gas industries, as well as educational establishments.

Drug test kits are easy to use, accurate and reliable. The SELFCheck test requires only a small urine sample and produces a visual result in less than 5 minutes. : click to see more from this brand