Proceive Women & Men Dual Pack (120) Capsules, Advanced Fertility Supplement

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  1. Convenient dual pack contains a months supply of Proceive Women and a months supply of Proceive Men
  2. Aids compliance and ease of everyday use
  3. Recommended for couples preparing for pregnancy and trying for a baby
  4. Contains 60 Men’s capsules & 60 Women’s capsules (one month supply)

Proceive Women

  1. Comprehensive nutritional support and key nutrients for men and women trying for a baby
  2. Tailored pre-conception formula
  3. Includes 400μg Folic Acid, Zinc and Vitamin D
  4. Recommended for women under 35 years trying to conceive
  5. 60 Capsules

Proceive Men

  1. Designed to support the nutritional needs of the male reproductive system
  2. Based on scientific research by fertility experts using over 600 clinical studies
  3. Contains 26 vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  4. Tailored for men who are preparing for conception and trying for a baby
  5. Each ingredient is delivered at the optimal strength in a highly absorbable form
  6. Ideal for all men aged 18-40 when planning for or trying for a baby
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