Raw video 

Privacy : shared with privacy settings = 'people with the private link' - my default (as opposed to 'anyone')  

Player Presets : customisations include Branding and 'After video' functions

Where? : Presets created in Account / Video / Embed Presets

'After video' functions' : eg end card, hosting function, not part of the video, more served with the video, can be assigned to all or individual videos

Examples used here include end card (ie duck), call to action, private link 

Using no preset (and after video function) then video ends with a black screen

Vimeo production : raw video file, image and music content combined in Vimeo to create new video file

the production may be done better in laptop/pc software and just hosted on Vimeo


ensure privacy settings for each video allow viewing - using 'people with the private link' as my default (as opposed to 'anyone')

check out Account Settings - Upload Defaults, namely privacy settings + Embed Presets, branding and After Video

'After video' (eg end card) is a hosting function, not part of the video, so changing function changes all videos